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"Helping others to have a future assures our own."

Core Philosophy on Information and Communications Technology Solutions

NVTech is focused on applying science to improve the profitability of its clients and the quality of life of the communities in which these businesses are embedded.  This invariably means developing systems that harness the talent of the people working within any organisation.  The objective of these systems is to enable people to work more productively regardless of whether they are in a conventional workplace, office or home.  Under such conditions, participants not only find work more pleasant and personally satisfying, they also feel their efforts, talent and ideas are appreciated.

The most potent tool available in this day and age to achieve higher productivity in the factory, field, office and home is undoubtedly Information and Communications Technology powered by Open Source Software, affordable mobile hardware and the Internet.

NVTech's core philosophy with respect to Information and Communications Technology is based upon the following:

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