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The Reader (Under development)

Prototype Reader.  A proto-type reader, Figure 6, centred around a Field Programmable Gate Array, has been developed for the purposes of demonstrating the technological feasibility of performing the above functions.  This has proven successful and so has removed all technical risk from this project.

More Detail.  For more detail download the NU-ERA System Information Paper.

NU-ERA Reader Block Diagram

Figure 7.  Block diagram of reader.

Block Diagram.  Figure 7 provides a representation of a block diagram of the reader.  The optics, processor, memory and communications means can be provided by any common barcode reader or mobile phone.  The "heart" of the reader is the image processing chip.

Reader Components. 
The reader consists of the following:
  • Optics.  The reader auto-focuses onto an object or objects placed in front of it.  In actuality, the reader's focus oscillates back and forth around the point the distance measuring device has just to be the median distance.  The Optics have the largest possible depth of view with a zoom capability.
  • Image Sensor.  The image sensor captures the field of view at 200 frames per second to a common CCD resolution, for example, 648x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels.

  • Image Processor.  The image processor:
    • detects the likelihood of a NU-ERA barcode pattern in the field of view;
    • determines the boundaries of the barcode and "straightens" it up so that it is rectangular and of the correct proportions;
    • reads the value of the arrays that comprise the barcode;
    • decrypts the values and, through the execution of a number of algorithms, tries to  determine if the identifier derived is valid; and
    • if valid, passes the calculated value on to the reader's computer for further processing vide the software application running on the computer.
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