NuEra-ID Pty Ltd

SYDNEY  AUSTRALIA   2227    (ABN 25 126 210 320)    Ph:+61 2 9016 4695 

"Helping others to have a future assures our own."

NuEra-ID's Corporate Details

Board of Directors.  NuEra-ID's Board of Directors is comprised of:
  • Mr Peter Bartter, Chairman.

  • Mr Kevin Loughrey CEO

  • Mr George Nestor Director and Development Manager.
Shareholders/Investors.  The current investors and shareholders in NuEra-ID are:
  • Mr Peter Bartter
  • Bligh Street Capital Partners
  • Kevin Loughrey
  • Ivan Curtis
  • Mick Evans
  • Simon Mills
  • Denis Lozina
Inventors.  The inventors of NuEra-ID's NU-ERA technology are:
  • Kevin Loughrey.  Non Volatile Technologies Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.
  • Ivan Curtis.  Keyworks Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Mick Evans.  Formerly a director in Matrics Ltd UK, now retired.

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