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NuEra-ID's method is far more flexible in its application than GS1 (Continued)

Labels are commonly used to identify and account of articles being moved. When packing goods, especially large items, it is common practice within the removal industry to attach labels to significant items. Labels usually have a unique number (like raffle tickets) and provision for the removalist to write upon them. The number of the label is written against the item on a printed inventory list.

Consider now the implementation of NuEra-ID's technology. Employing NuEra-ID's approach, the removalist would arrive with a roll of labels all bearing NuEra-ID unique identifiers represented by DataMatrix barcodes. As labels are attached to items, the identifiers are scanned with a barcode reader and associated with each item described in the inventory list.

With this system there is no possibility of items being missed. When items are loaded into the truck they are scanned. When they are unloaded at the destination point they are scanned, proving they have been transported. This reduces the removalist's liability and assures the owner all items have been successfully moved.
Previous labels may be reused without danger of duplicated identifiers. Because NuEra-ID's identifiers are guaranteed to be unique, when there is another removal of the same items, the next removalist will arrive with a set of labels that will not contain numbers that are the same as those already on items from the last removal. Not only does this ensure against any confusion, it also saves time for the removalist and reduces the overall cost of the removal.

Permanent marking using laser etching. Using a laser etcher or peening machine it would be possible to permanently emboss valuable items with a NuEra-ID identifier, represented by a DataMatrix barcode comprised of dots. If manufacturers used NuEra-ID's unique ID, all items would come “self-labelled”. This too would reduce the cost of removals and improve control of the process.

Helpful to police in the case of stolen goods. Having all goods permanently marked with a NuEra-ID identifier, would not only eliminate the need for labels and facilitate the removal process but it would also allow police to detect, and then determine the provenance of, stolen goods.

GS1 system simply impractical. The GS1's system of individual identification is simply not practical for an application such as this.

NuEra-ID's system is affordable by small business and is a lower cost

GS1 requires that people who are issued barcode numbers be members of GS1. This typically costs around $20,000 per annum. When GS1 provides barcode numbers, as evidenced by their webpage, they are talking in terms of 10 to 500 numbers; each costing a lot of money.

NuEra-ID does not require users to pay a membership fee. Anyone can register their “client-system” and obtain numbers from NuEra-ID. All transactions carry a standard $10.00 administrative fee. Numbers are sold individually, the cost ranging from 0.010 cents to 0.001 cents; depending on the quantity being purchased ( See ). The pricing structure ranges from 1 to more than 10 billion.

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