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It can be thus be appreciated that:
  1. The NuEra-ID approach of associating any tag or label with any item in a store is far more convenient, and consumes less labour than the GS1 system of identification because the storeman, when applying a label or tag, does not have to match that label or tag to a specific item or group of items.
  2. NuEra-ID's method of identification is totally flexible in that both serial and quantity tracked items are treated in the same fashion; every item receiving a unique identifier. This means there is the option at some later date to precisely account for quantity tracked items if that is deemed necessary. (There is, by the way, nothing to stop one from applying the same identifier to every quantity tracked item but this is not recommended as it saves nothing but limits one's choice, at some later date, should there be a need to keep precise control over items that are normally quantity tracked. It also creates a situation where double-counting is possible during stocktakes.) This approach is not practical with GS1.
  1. Because there is no need to specifically seek a registered number from a manufacturer or NATO cataloguing authority, taking charge of items that are not catalogued or not on an inventory list is a far simpler operation than is the case with GS1 system of individual identification and, importantly, it does not disrupt the barcoding process.
  2. Should a manufacturer chose to emboss their product with a NuEra-ID identifier, there is no chance of another manufacturer of similar goods accidentally using the same identifier. Nor is there a chance of the stores-printed tags and labels being the same. Because of the difficulty of policing an almost infinite number of registries with the GS1 system, it is impossible to be confident identifiers will not be duplicated for different items. NuEra-ID's identifiers are ideal for use as the primary key in a database which, in turn, ensures extremely rapid retrieval of information even from huge databases. GS1's are not.
  3. NuEra-ID's identifiers are ideal for representation by a 2D barcode of fixed geometry which, in turn, opens the way for low cost printing and etching. GS1's do not. As shown by the removals example, NuEra-ID's method of individual identification is far more adaptable to many more situations than is GS1's.

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