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An aid for stocktaking, spotchecks and general stores administration (Page 2)

Stocktakes cost Bunnings around $4 million per annum.  NuEra-ID's technology would reduce this to less than $2 million; saving more than $2 million per annum.
Pilfering is estimated to cost around 1% of retail sales.(Australian Institute of Criminology).  The Bunnings Warehouse Group had an annual revenue of $A6.1 billion.  Pilferage therefore costs the group around $60 million per annum.  NuEra-ID's technology makes it possible to accurately determine whether or not an item has actually passed through a checkout.  This would serve as a significant deterrent to would-be pilferers.

Items being monitored during the production process by using their Unique ID

Items checked off at delivery/unloading

Item or box of Items scanned when unloaded at destination:

As described in the previous page, when goods arrive at their destination point, details of the load and consignment note number have been forwarded to the recipient. The following data to be captured:

In this example:

  • Items are scanned as they are unloaded onto the truck.
  • As they are being scanned, they are checked off against the load-list that was sent electronically to the customer.
  • Scanning at the unloading dock, changes the status of the items on the local stores system from "DUES IN" to "GOODS RECEIVED" and the status of stores on the dispatcher and transportation systems to "GOODS DELIVERED"
Items being monitored during the production process by using their Unique ID

Items scanned when placed on shop shelves
and periodically during spotchecks to monitor pilfering.

Scanned when being packed on shelf and during periodic Stockchecks

When items are placed on shelves by packers, each item's unique ID is scanned.  (How this is done so as to not significantly degrade productivity, will depend on the particular situation. A number of options are possible.)  Scanning individual items allows checking of supplier records regarding which items are in a particular box.  Therefore the location of all items is precisely known (until a customer disturbs the item!).  It is therefore possible to conduct random spot checks on attractive items to determine where pilfering mainly occurs.  This reduces the workload when there is a need to perform a stock-take as, in many cases, stock adjustment action has already been taken.

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