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Checking Warranty Obligation (Page 2)

Items being monitored during the production process by using their Unique ID

Checking the Individual ID

Sending the ID to the database

The action that occurs when the item is scanned will depend on the way the computer systems have been configured.  NuEra-ID's unique ID is deliberately 128 bits long.  This ensures that the range of unique identifiers is such that they will never be exhausted.  It is also the largest sized word that can be used as the primary key in a database table.  This means that the record can be located and read in a database consisting of many Petabytes in microseconds.  The following describes one possible configuration:

  1. The computer at the returns desk firstly goes to the local computer at the store.  Even an inexpensive PC is now capable of holding many, many years of data relating to a store's sales. 
  2. If the item is not found there, the ID is forwarded to the central computer serving the whole group. 
  3. If it is not found there and if it is desired to provide more information to the customer, in the interest of customer service (and possibly heading off an argument!), the central computer would then refer the ID to NuEra-ID's computer. 
  4. NuEra-ID's server would send back to the requesting computer the server details, if they exist and if the client has given their approval for certain details to be promulgated, of the company that was issued the ID. 
  5. The central computer then makes a request on that outlet's central computer.
  6. If it is the policy of that outlet to co-operate with such requests, the computer then serves the details back to the requesting computer.
Items being monitored during the production process by using their Unique ID

Items being monitored during transporation

Acknowleging or declining a warranty obligation

Having determined that, in this case, the item was purchased from another company's outlet, the attendant advises the customer in a manner that is in accordance with store policy.

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