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Letter Colonel G.S. Allen, Commander 3rd EME Group -18 July 1973

The following is a scanned image of a letter sent by Col G.S. Allen, Commander of the 3rd Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Group to Army Headquarters. For the convenience of the reader (and for the benefit of search engines) a typed version is also provided:

Letter Colonel G.S. Allen, Commander 3rd EME
             Group seeking permission from AHQ to perform further development work on RMC No2 Rifle, dated -18 July 1973

SO1 (Ops)/MG/18


3 EME Gp

18 Jul 73
AHQ(M): DEME (2)
For Information:  3 Base Wksp RAEME


Reference: 3 Base Wksp R1005-60-1 of 28 Jun 73 (NOTAL).

1.     Whilst a Cadet at RMC, Lt K.A. Loughrey, RAEME, an officer currently posted to 3BASE Wksp, developed a 7.62mm rifle consisting of a number of L1A1 components in a more compact configuration. It is understood that, with the support of SASS, Mr M.V. Nesbitt, and SAF Lithgow, a pilot model was produced and subjected to initial evaluation by JTC and ADE.

2.     This pilot model is now held at 3 Base Wksp. It has been examined by officer at this HQ, and is considered to offer potential for the following advantages:

    a.  More compact configuration.
    b.  Greater ease of handling in a confined environment.
    c.  More stable firing position due to the relocation of the centre of gravity between the pistol grip and the butt.
    d.  Reduced deviation from line of sight during firing.
3.     The pilot model requires futher product improvement involving machining operations of a nature suitable to Apprentice training.
4.     Approval would therefore be appreciated for 3 Base Wksp to proceed with these improvements to the pilot model, with a view to submitting the model to AHQ for further evaluation.


Enclosure: Photograph of Pilot Model

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