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Letter LtCol K Rawnsley, Commanding Officer, 3 Base Wksp, 30 November 1973

The following is a scanned image of a letter by LtCol K. Rawnsley, Commanding Officer, 3 Base Wksp, rebuking LT Kevin Loughrey for requesting he be transferred from being the OC of the Automotive Engineering Company to the OC of General Engineering Company so that he might be better able to oversee the work being performed on the prototype rifle, KAL1.  For the convenience of the reader (and for the benefit of search engines) a typed version is also provided:

Letter LtColK. Rawnsley, Commanding Officer, 3 Base Wksp, 
              rebuking LT K.A. Loughrey for asking to be placed in command of GE Company to facilitate further work on the prototype rifle, dated -30 November 1973
From: Lieutenant Colonel K. Rawnsley
Australian Crest of Arms

TELEPHONE 359-1222
In reply quote:

3 Base Wksp Bn

30 Nov 73
C/- RAEME Trg Centre Offrs Mess

Dear Mr Loughrey

          Thank you for your letter of the 27th.

          I cannot accede to your wishes since from the Wksp point of view there can be no advantage whatsoever in raising the classification of the project and indeed on re-examining the project file, I have come to the conclusion that you have allowed your interest in the project to cause detriment to your nomral duties, for which I may remind you, you have been in receipt of Higher Duties Allowance.

          To refresh your memory, the project calls for the following action on the part of this Wksp:
          "Machining at the direction of the project officer", the
          rider is added to the effect that such operations may
          be of value in apprentice training.

          I shall have more to say to you on your return, but you may take it that I regard your submission of requirements as being the height of impudence and being an indication of a lack of a sense of responsibility I would not have thought possible in an officer of your background.

Best wishes for success of your course

signed K Rawnsley

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