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RFID Research and Development

Finish Optimised Resonant Powering Antenna and Transmission Antenna Performing Excitation Tests Using a Calibrated Oscillating Magnetic Field 1993-1997 Research to design a cheap resonant antenna suitable for use with a multi-frequency RFID tag. Successful in developing both a design and the means of mass production. Placed in charge of the overall development of the RFID transponders Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Chip successfully produced in May 1996. The system was a world first being a transponder capable for transmitting on 32 different frequencies randomly and utilising a novel type of non-volatile memory based on a perovskite crystalline substance called PZT. Team was the first in the world to develop a monolithic RFID ASIC utilising perovskite crystalline non-volatile memory (trademarked as FRAM).

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