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"Helping others to have a future assures our own."

About Non Volatile Technologies (NVTech)

NVTech was formed in June 1997.  Its formation was funded by a group of Malaysian investors for the purpose of carrying out R&D on advanced RFID technology.  Soon after the company's formation, the Asian Money Crisis hit and this forced the investors to withdraw their support.  In order to survive, it was necessary NVTech reinvent itself from being a specialist consultancy company to one that dealt with the widest possible range of engineering and scientific matters.

At the core of NVTech, is the wish to pursue projects that will make a positive contribution to the world's environment.  Most would agree that over-population and a lack of access to quality, secular education are significant contributors to many of the world's environmental and societal problems.  These two maladies often go hand in hand.  They give rise to cultural norms and societal systems that are not based on meritocracy but instead on nepotism which, in turn, prevents communities based on that model from making the most of their "human capital".  This lack of access to education, inequality of the sexes and the absence of justice are the touch-paper for the discontent and social unrest seen in many of the worlds under-developed countries.

The use of technology as a means of providing education and equal opportunities, in all matters, to less fortunate nations is seen as being key to averting looming environmental, social and economic disasters.

Open Source Software, cost-affordable mobile hardware and the availability of low cost Internet services are key enablers in the quest to accelerate the societal advancement of developing nations.  It goes without saying, these resources play a vital role in developed societies as well yet, particularly over the last 25 years, there has been a general failure, especially on the part of larger businesses, to take full advantage of the benefits small, distributed, mobile systems have to offer.

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