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Current Projects - Strata Plan Information (SPInfo)

Entering a Strata Plan - ThumbnailAdd, Edit and Retire a Strata Plan

Objective.  This module provides for the adding of a Strata Plan to SPInfo or the editing of its details and its retirement.

AutoStrata and DataTran.   SPInfo "grew up" alongside AutoStrata a DOS based Strata Management package developed by Marcus Philips.  AutoStrata was primarily focused on the accounting aspects of Strata Plan management and, being so, it provided the basis for all information at any Strata Management site.  To ensure the data in AutoStrata and SPInfo was synchronised, a package called DataTran was developed to extract data from AutoStrata on a nightly basis and insert that information into SPInfo.  Because SPInfo was initially focused on managing Work Orders, the information that proved to be of major importance was that pertaining to the list of contractors for which accounts were processed in AutoStrata.  Because of DataTran, at sites where AutoStrata is running, it is only in exceptional circumstances that Strata Plans are actually created using the Add, Edit and Retire a Strata Plan module.

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