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Strata Plan Information (SPInfo) - Introduction

Overview.  The Strata Plan Information System aims to provide every possible assistance to a Strata Management Company managing Strata Plans according to the laws applicable in New South Wales.  It can be easily modified to accommodate differences in other States.
Capacity.   The package will provide acceptable response when managing thousands of Strata Plans; each of which might have thousands of units.  At the time of writing, the application consists of a frontend and a backend.  The backend uses FirebirdSQL an extremely powerful relational database engine, developed by the Open Source Software community.  FirebirdSQL is designed to be accessed by thousands of people at the same time.  Responsiveness is dependent on the power of the computer upon which the FirebirdSQL backend resides; not the capacity of the database itself.  FirebirdSQL is capable of holding many, many millions of millions of bytes (Terabytes).

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