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Satisfying a Need

The joinery industry has been crying out for something that would help it do its daily business.  Rather than being another accounting "overhead", the Willwork solution aims to assist in the day to day operation of your business while, almost in background mode, gathering that information which is necessary for you to have an accurate snapshot of how you are doing financially.

Customer Management a Priority

Willwork's primary focus is on customer management.  It has a very powerful card-file system that allows you to hold hundreds of thousands of listings if you desire.  For each listing you can have an almost unlimited number of phone numbers, contacts, notes, etc.  Each card in your card file can be classified as being a contact, a customer, a supplier or any other type of contact you desire.

Easy, Flexible Quote Creation

Willwork also provides an easy flexible way of creating quotes.  Its based on a set of templates for each product you make.  This are created through a very simple, easy to use graphical user interface.  After that, for each quote, you modify the relevant template by changing its external dimensions or its characteristics.  This automatically generates cutting lists and calculates the cost of labour and materials; thereby creating the quote for the customer.  Quotes are easily turned into jobs once the customer commits.

Feature Packed

Willwork is packed with all types of helpers to assist you work quickly and efficiently.  For example, Willwork allows you to cut and paste information into letters or directly output its reports into word processing and spreadsheet documents.  It even has the ability to send SMS text messages if you’re connected to the Internet.


Willwork is presently under development and looks like being a "work in progress" (and labour of love!) as its owners and users constantly seek to improve it.  Look for Willwork towards the end of 2012.  It's sure to give users a big head start in the highly competitive wood-working industry.

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