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Core Philosophy on Information and Communications Technology Solutions

Focus  NuEra-ID is focused on applying automatic identification technology (AIT) and related technology to the task of providing low-cost systems that enable the individual identification of everything that is of interest to an organisation for its efficient management and operation. 

Overall Approach to Systems Design and Development.  NuEra-ID's technology aims at reducing the effort associated with data input whilst improving its accuracy.  It does this through the use of barcodes or any other automated input technology, such as Radio Frequency Identification.  When employed, NuEra-ID's technology is an integral part of any business computing environment (such as ERPs).  As a consequence, it is unavoidable that NuEra-ID become involved in the development of computer systems generally in order that those systems can make best use of its technology.
In this, NuEra-ID is guided by the following philosophy with respect to the utilisation of Information and Communications Technology in any business enterprise:
  • When acquiring computer systems the first priority should be the improvement of productivity in the workplace; not information collection as so often is the case. 
  • Comprehensive data collection is a natural by-product of computer systems helping people in the workplace perform their duties.
  • Distributed database topologies are far less expensive, more effective and more survivable than their centralised equivalents.
  • Centralisation of data and systems increases the expense of operations, disenfranchises users and causes systems to be vulnerable to failure, deliberate damage and data theft.
  • Except in the most simple of applications, and particularly with regard to something as comprehensive and complicated as an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) application, regardless of whether a client purchases Commercial-Off-The-Shelf(COTS) or builds a bespoke system, there will be a great deal of customisation before the application will return significant benefit to its users.  This customisation can only occur in close cooperation with the client and through a process known as "Agile Development".  The reality of life is that, because of the amount of work needed to adapt a COTS system to any particular workplace, it is, for all intents and purposes, bespoke.  Conversely, in this modern day where there are comprehensive software libraries available for just about any function one might wish to perform using software, even so-called bespoke systems are, more often than not, the aggregation of modules; many of which may indeed be COTS.

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