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THE POWER OF NuEra-ID's NU-ERA TECHNOLOGY - Some Illustrative Examples

Story Boards.

This section provides a number of "story boards" to illustrate and explain the use and benefits of NuEra-ID's NU-ERA individual identification technology.

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NuEra-ID's novel system of Unique* Identification (NU-ERA) enables low-cost**, unique identification of all items of interest in any organisation or process.  Being able to do this has the potential to make huge savings.  Here are some facts to consider:

  • Stocktaking.

    Wesfarmers.  NuEra-ID's NU-ERA could save the Wesfarmers Group around $40million per annum in stocktaking costs. (For details Click Here)

    Woolworths. With 1,700 outlets (Wesfarmers have around 1,900) Woolworths would obtain a similar benefit, ie, around $30million to $40million per annum..

    Australian Retail Industry.  Of the top 250 retail firms operating in Australia during 2009, there were 5,032 outlets giving an approximate potential stocktake cost saving to the Australian retail industry of around $500million to $700million annually.

  • Pilfering.

    In 2011, pilfering from retail outlets cost the industry around $7.5 billion, up from $6.8 billion in 2010 and $4.5 billion in 2006.( Article Courier Mail, Brisbane, 9Sep12)
    The ability to, in a cost-affordable manner, individually identify and thereby track all items and determine if the item ever passed through a checkout, would be a significant deterrent to shoplifters and would aid recovery of stolen goods as well as prosecution of criminals.
  • Protection against unfounded liability claims.

    The exact figure relating to false warranty claims and fraudulent returns is not known because they are difficult to detect.  Some indication of the size of this issue can be gained from GenCo Distributions Systems in the US.  This firm specialises in handling returned goods for approximately 10,000 retail outlets.  In 2009, Genco handled $3billion in returned goods. Individual ID would almost eliminate this area of fraud and loss to the retailer.

  • Provision of a level of customer service that, before now, was not feasible.

    The ability to track all goods by individual ID would allow precise control of goods on shelves; ensuring customers obtained the freshest produce and avoiding the possibility of customers consuming goods which are beyond their shelf-life.  Individual ID also simplifies returning defective goods and enhances the shopping experience; encouraging customers to shop again at the outlet that provides this level of service.

  • *  Covered by Australian Innovation Patent 2012100279 issued 8 May 2012 & Standard Patent 2008247310 issued 30 Aug 2012.  Patents are pending in China, India, EEU and USA
    ** As cheap if not cheaper than generic marking of goods with conventional barcode labels and is therefore affordable by small and big business alike.

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