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NuEra-ID's NU-ERA ID System could save the World's Retail Industry more than US$100 Billion annually!

Reducing Inventory Costs

NU-ERA "plugs" Retail Leakage
Graph by Centre for Retail Research
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The universal adoption of NuEra-ID's NU-ERA technology will significantly combat the "Retail Leakage" and counterfeiting of attractive goods; especially wines and spirits. It will also assist in the prosecution of wrongdoers.

Annually, Worldwide:
  • RETAIL CRIME plus prevention costs around US$128 billion1;
  • ADMINISTRATIVE ERRORS around US$26 billion;
  • STOCKTAKES around US$14 billion;
  • RETURNED PURCHASES more than US$18 billion;
  • ILLICIT LIQUOR more than US$400 billion2.
Collage of NuEra-ID's Technology

NuEra-ID Technology Suite

Conventional DataMatrix with Dots

Fig 1. DataMatrix (Dots)
representing a NU-ERA identifer

How does NU-ERA do this?

NU-ERA makes cost affordable the individual indentification of any item of interest in an organisation or process.
By achieving this, it is then possible to scan any item and learn of its life's history; including whether it has passed through a point of sale.

Importantly, NuEra-ID's Unique3 System of Individual Identification (NU-ERA)
  • Can interface and inter-cooperate with any existing ID system, including GS1.
  • Centres around a Registry of Unique Encrypted Identifiers that is effectively inexhaustible.
  • Can be used with any "Automatic ID Technology" capable of representing 128 bits of data.
  • Requires 60% less Effort than conventional hierarchical systems of identification such as GS1.
  • Has involved the development of a novel barcode that is highly resistant to dirt and damage, a reader, a laser etcher and application software.
  • Utilises Open Source Software to make its software freely available to users; providing every possible assistance to users.
  • Is based on a Commercial Model where cost to users is small and income is derived from the sale of numbers and the provision of consultancy services.

1.  Source - Centre of Retail Research
2. "1/3rd of the world's alcohol [$1.2 billion] is ... illicit production," Paul Varga, chief executive of Brown-Forman, told the Financial Times.
3.  Covered by Australian Innovation Patent 2012100279 issued 8 May 2012
Standard Patent 2008247310 issued 30 Aug 2012.
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